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"Bulk Seed Bank"

0.0/0 AK-47 (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/1 Amnesia Haze (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Amnesia Platinum
0.0/0 Ananas Funk
5.0/1 Auto AK-47 (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Amnesia Haze (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Amnesia Platinum
1.0/1 Auto Big Bud
5.0/2 Auto Blueberry (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Bubblegum Extra
0.0/0 Auto Caramel King
0.0/0 Auto Cheese (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Chocolope (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Chronic
4.7/3 Auto Critical (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Devil's Kiss
0.0/0 Auto Durban Poison
0.0/0 Auto Easy Ryder
0.0/0 Auto Great White Shark
0.0/0 Auto Hindu Kush
5.0/2 Auto Jack Herer (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Auto Kali Mist
0.0/0 Auto Lavander (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Auto Lemon Skunk
5.0/1 Auto Lowryder 2
0.0/0 Auto Mazar (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Northern Lights (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Auto NYC Diesel (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto OG Kush (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Auto Power Plant
0.0/0 Auto Purple Kush
0.0/0 Auto Somango (Bulk seed Bank)
0.0/0 Auto Sour Diesel (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Auto Super Skunk
0.0/0 Auto Sweet Tooth
0.0/0 Auto White Dwarf
0.0/0 Auto White Russian (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Auto White Widow (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Big Bud (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Blueberry (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Bubblegum Extra
0.0/0 Caramel King
3.0/1 Cheese (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Chocolope (Bulk Seed Bank)
-5.0/1 Chronic (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 Critical (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Critical Mass
0.0/0 Dark Domina
0.0/0 Durban Poison (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Early Skunk (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Euphoria (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Grapefruit (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Great White Shark (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Jack Herer (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 k2 (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Kali Mist (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 L.S.D (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Lavander (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Marley's Bud
0.0/0 Master Kush (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Mazar (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Moby Dick (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Nepal Gold
0.0/0 Neville's Haze (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Northern Light (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 NYC Diesel (Bulk Seed Bank)
5.0/1 OG Kush (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Orange Bud (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Power Plant (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Purple Kush
0.0/0 Sensi Star (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Skunk #11 (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Somango (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Sour Diesel (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Super Lemon Haze (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Super Silver Haze (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Super Skunk (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 The Ultimate (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 Trainwreck (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 White Russian (Bulk Seed Bank)
0.0/0 White Widow (Bulk Seed Bank)


4.7/70 Bubble Gum (Serious Seeds)
4.7/28 MK-Ultra
4.6/59 Nothern Light (Nirvana)
4.6/51 Lemon Skunk
4.6/37 G13 Haze
4.5/62 Kali Mist
4.5/34 NYC Diesel
4.4/107 Satori
4.4/46 Mandala #1
4.4/31 AK-48
: Oldnoob
1912.Oldnoob, Bubble Gum, fotofem
, !
-20%  Dinafem
: mojet